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The Coachs Corner [3.1] defence game! v41

Av ricardo rodriguez - 10 oktober 2008 07:04

av ricardo rodriguez den 10 oktober 2008 kl 10:49

What a great pass we have yesterday eve! The best of all was when we toke good care of the new players att the Grim Park. The weather was perfect for play rugby and we have a great fun togheter until 18Hrs!

The lads willl have more time for practice and for play our game, perhaps can we reach this from the next month and further...

Defence is so important in rugby now, and all manner of defensive coaches are employed.

Many sides now are coached to play the simple but effective game of continuous pick-up and drive- and I really do mean continuous.

Scrumhalf will pick up from the base of a ruck/maul and feed a forward on the edge; at low body angle he will drive forward as far as he can. He drives in close to the ruck, straight. Inevitably, he is brought to, or goes to ground; his close supporters clean out rucking over the ball, leaving it sheer and clear for the scrummy, who once more feeds, close to the ruck, another forward who drives low, forward and to ground.

And so bullish progress is made, phase after phase, inch by inch, smash by smash, subtlety by subtlety. If the team is well-drilled and keeps competent possession of the ball, it can take the ball considerable distance in this way; it is not easy to stop. Close to the line, this method harvests tries galore.

It is against this blunderbuss of inevitability that you employ a two-on-one defence in an effort to stop its forward movement, slow it down at least, and cut it off from its support - most important for then it is castrated and cannot breed.

be AWARE of the Knock on rule!

se också...

Get involved?!

/ric ;-)

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Lundgren, Wilmer is our new Captain! Länk - Kommenteraav ricardo rodriguez den 10 oktober 2008 kl 06:35

VRS Rugby are delighted to announce the appointment of Lundgren, Wilmer as captain of the VRS Rugby squad for the coming week [42].

Monday Dresscode...

Our Captain who will arrange our RUGBY LUNCH at school and we willl have a "white shirt to our monday lunch"

We need more suggestions about our rugby shirts [design and colours] until thursday.

se also...

the Basics...*

Get involved?!

Greetings >> RR ;-)

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The Coachs corner... Länk - Kommenteraav ricardo rodriguez den 7 oktober 2008 kl 09:18

It's been 2long weeks for vrs-rugby players and officials.

Our squad once again produced a nice training pass and game with just the same number of tries as a game under the week before have produced, and with a good attitude and shape.

On and on the team goes about the need for the quicker game and the more tries and the better this and the more exciting that and the closed game in the touch a side.

Thursday's game was exciting in the closeness of it all, but it yielded only six tries. One was a superbly-executed handling move in a confined space, the other a headstrong charge by one big bloke through some other big blokes. Not quite the sweeping end-to-end run-for-all Niklas would have us believe.

There were some fun offloads and handling moments, but not very much tryline action. Whenever the ball did get towards the tryline, the play inevitably slowed down.

Having personally coached at a relatively begginers level under those for 3 weeks now, I can honestly say that the balance between accelerating the game and keeping its structure has been struck perfectly.

There are more tries, as well as more room for rugby culture: we have ours rugby brunch twice a week and (C) Gustav Nyström has decide that we will have white shirts in our brunch! GREAT! and we will as well have more space for tactical variety.

the time will see that and our squad will be better...

se också...

Get involved?!

atte: ricardo ;-)


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