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Av ricardo rodriguez - 14 augusti 2008 09:57



1. Tobias Paulsson 2. Gustav Nyström (c) 3. Wilmer Lundgren

4. Martin Taube 5. Fredrik Linden

6. Markus Lundh 7. Viktor Eriksson

8. Johan Fornstedt

9. Carl-Johan Freme 10. Axel Swaretz

11. Tom Ullander 12. Ragnar Weihe 13. Ludwig Guiffen 14. Didrik Bildt

15. Alfred Karlsson 16. Max Swaretz

17. Casper Bringholm 18. Pascal Andersson 19. Niklas Edström


Head Coach: RR

Leader Team : JK

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axel swaretz

18 november 2008 18:53

jag kommer inte kunna komma på rugby hela veckan för jag har prao.

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Av ricardo rodriguez - 21 november 2009 21:07

  Passing is basically pushing a ball towards a target. Sometimes the pass will be spun or rifled towards the target, making it move faster. Imagine pushing a door or a shopping trolley. Your hands are pushing and finishing in the direction you ...

Av ricardo rodriguez - 27 juni 2009 12:26

Dear Rugby Coach,                               When the South African team mauled halfway down the field against the Lions, many felt the shockwaves, not least the Lions themselves. They seemed totally unprepared to deal with this driving force. S...

Av ricardo rodriguez - 27 juni 2009 12:10

A dynamic maul is a powerful weapon in rugby because it draws in defenders and maintains forward momentum. Key points for a solid maul Keep it square. A good maul will work most effectively if the drive is going forward. To do this, players need ...

Av ricardo rodriguez - 27 juni 2009 12:00

*The maul is a potent attacking weapon. It saps the defence's energy and spirit, whilst giving attackers space and scoring opportunities.   The maul A maul is where one player holding the ball is held, on their ...

Av ricardo rodriguez - 27 juni 2009 11:52

Developing the session The training session can be developed as follows: Change the balance of play by adding defenders or attackers. Change the starting distances between the teams (sometimes only half a metre, for example).Putting the skills into ...

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