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Dsiciplinary Commitee at VRS RUGBY

Av ricardo rodriguez - 13 juli 2008 16:44

It is the role of the VRS Rugby Disciplinary Committee to deal with discipline cases where our school player has been Sent Off, or cited.

It is an important role and must be a fair and effective process.

It should take case as soon as possible after a test match, trainee pass and every effort to get the best results of our team.

One of the most important skills for me in rugby is discipline.

You can win or lose a game based on the discipline of your team or an individual player.

I watch a lot of sport and it always amazes me, even among top level professional sportsmen, the lack of self control the players have.

I would like to think the rugby players generally are role models in the way that they control themselves in a highly charged atmosphere.

perhaps it will take more time...but we will be there, thats for sure!

greetings from the Coach   ;-) 


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